What is Identity?

If we want to live our own inner life, our own world, our own truth, we have to free ourselves from identifications. Because identifying ourselves with another person or another world, as our own, another moral system, as the one we intuitively perceive as right and beneficial, alienates us from ourselves.

As long as we are alienated from ourselves, we do not think for ourselves when we think, we do not act for ourselves when we act and we do not speak for ourselves when we speak. We are someone different from ourselves and from the world than who we are in truth.

Identity is simply to be ourselves. But for many of us it is not as easy as it sounds. We have more or less all gone through an educational mill that alienated us from ourselves, that filled our minds with standard terms instead of truths, with collective norms, instead of reflecting and making our own world of being understandable.

For many of us, identity is therefore a whole process that extends over years, if not over our entire lives, a process of (re)finding ourselves. In this learning process it is essential for most of us to learn to say no and to listen to our inner needs, to express them and to bring them to bear. Only when we listen to ourselves will we be listened to, only when we respect ourselves in our innermost world will the world respect us, the others, or society, the collective, as a whole.

Our first step towards reconciliation with society and a truly social life is therefore to recognize, acknowledge and live our own identity.

The detachment from identification and role-playing is an inevitable step, but only a first step. But to the extent that we free ourselves from identification, we gain the inner freedom to be truly ourselves and to affirm our identity.

Our thinking, speaking and acting then has a different quality, as it takes place from the centre of our wholeness. It is then thinking, speaking and acting whole.

My Intention for this Site

It has been since many years that I gave up writing an autobiography, while I wrote an extensive one about the first thirty years of my life. It was written in German language and because of family piety I have not published it.

After that effort, I became more and more convinced that fumbling around in our past is not a way to success and happiness in life. It holds us back and keeps us entangled with emotional patterns of the past. While writing is healing and thus liberating to a certain extent, I still consider it as a waste of time to write an autobiography, except you write it for the world, thus for other people. This is for me not motivational, as my contributions are not linked to the little critter of my life and person.

This being said, what I do publish on this site are motivational scripts, empowering texts and affirmations of my goals, my life’s mission and my vision statement.

Working since 1985 with affirmative prayer, these texts fall readily in life with self-empowerment and what I came to call self-building. They are in support of my self-improvement efforts and my striving for a smooth and well-rounded personality.


Rev. Dr. Peter Fritz Walter

While having a doctoral degree in law, and was trained as an international lawyer, my interest is focused upon the humanities, education, holistic science, philosophy, and the propagation of a systemic, holistic and ecological worldview. 

I am also an artist, composer, pianist, and photographer.

In October 1998 I established Sirius-C Media Galaxy LLC in Delaware, USA, which functions as my company for publishing and media production. I have published 100+ books with Amazon KDP and 50 Audiobooks with ACX/Audible.

From 2018 I specialized on producing life-improving media and web presences for self-development.

In 2020 I launched the Sirius-C Media Online Store (siriuscmedia.com) with 43 audiobooks, as well as Integral Way Consulting (peterfritzwalter.com) with 13 audiobooks, where I am offering I Ching Readings.


My Vision

My personal vision is to bring enlightenment to the world in matters of self-knowledge, love, religion, education, harmony, personal power & success, happiness and excellence, through writing, art, music, film & show, using the new media and combinations of media created by myself. For these purposes, I make worthwhile contributions through Online Selfbuilding Centers and …

My Mission

My Personal Vision Statement My personal mission is to contribute to a fundamental change in consciousness regarding matters of love and relationships between people belonging to different age groups. This change in human consciousness is dependent upon an equal change in the ways people are brought up and educated and to which extent they are …

My Goals

My life work has three different aspects and thus three different goals to achieve: a scientific goal an artistic goal a humanitarian goal Scientific Goal My scientific goal is to contribute to a fundamental change in consciousness regarding the paradigm of inter-generational love as it has evolved in the Western civilization until now. My mission …